You Bred Raptors?

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Freelance Musicians, MUNY Performers, Street Performers

Courtesy of Krista Golia

I decided to check out one of the other costume-clad MUNY singers known as You Bred Raptors? The duo, which consists of Epileptic Peat and Zach Schmidlein, claim to be aficionados in what they describe as velociraptor blues. By the time I arrived a crowd had already formed around the boys and cellphones and digital cameras were out and recording the creative performance they were witnessing. (The girl next to me decided to elbow me as well, but I let it slide and didn’t give up my spot)

I took to Twitter to find the guys, and lucky for me, they responded with in a few hours. They were ready and willing to answer some of my burning questions (while staying in character of course).

KG: Krista Golia
EP: Epileptic Peat

KG: How about some background for my loyal viewers?
EP: The band started in February of 2010 with myself (Epileptic Peat) and original drummer/glockenspiel player Joshua Wiejaczka. The band is a continuation of my solo material. I’ve been in many bands my entire life and always felt compromised with vision and long term goals. With that said, as a solo artist I felt like my music was beginning to sound the same and I wasn’t evolving. I found evolution with this band and since I always loved instrumental music, dinosaurs, metal, post rock and wearing masks on stage I just decided to combine these elements.

KG: How long have you guys been performing on the streets on New York City? If you don’t mind me asking, how much would you say you make for each performance?
EP: We’ve been playing underground since mid-July of 2010. We never played in the subways before getting a permit to do so. This might make us poseurs but we don’t care. We play as hard and as long as the best of them. I’m sorry if that sounded overtly sexual. As far as money, while not discussing specifics or averages, I will tell you the lowest and highest we’ve ever made. On the second subway show we ever played at Columbus Circle we made 3$ in an hour and a half. The most we ever made for that same amount of time was over 500$. It varies on location season, day or week and time.

KG: Have you ever came across a memorable performer?
EP: We come across memorable performers all the time. The ones that make you want to quit music and get better all at the same time. Anyone amazing and fluid at their own instrument. Bela Fleck, Jaco Pastorious, Victor Wooten, Jake Shimabukura to name a few. They love and speak their instruments no matter what the style or genre.

KG: What made you want to become a part of the MUNY program?
EP: MUNY epitomizes why I moved to NYC: to play my weird brand of music to as many people as possible. NYC is brutal and thankless but will weed out the hobbyists in the scene. I didn’t feel like I was really a working musician until this past year. Playing in a venue once every 6 weeks didn’t suffice for me or satisfy any kind of creative hunger that I had. Playing this much forces you to perform better, write better and to think of this as a lifestyle and a business as opposed to a pipe-dream you were taught it was.

KG: Good stuff, do you have any other comments you want to make?
EP: Shameless self promotion I know, but we have about 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention in the line of work that we do. We are confident our music will keep them there but to splinter into someones fast paced life, especially a commute home is the difficult part. Also, we aren’t the Naked Cowboy… so don’t treat us like a Jukebox or an inane tourist.

That’s all for this week, but if you want more You Bred Raptors?, check out their website, Twitter, or Facebook. Also, check out this video courtesy of yours truly.

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