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Courtesy of The Xylopholks

For my first profiled performer, I chose the Xylopholks for a couple of reasons: 1. They have some pretty unique costumes, 2. They like making people smile, and 3. They’ve been extremely insightful in helping me in my quest to dissect the subculture of street performing.

The Xylopholks were formed with the intent to perform ragtime music from the 1920s, and of course feature the xylophone in their act. The group, made up of four animal costume clad members that include Skunky, Piggy, Doggy and Froggy, is not only part of the MUNY (Music Under New York) program but also travel around the world in hopes of getting people groovin’ and smilin’.

I recently caught up with lead singer Skunky, or Jonathan Singer, and we talked what’s it’s like using the mean, bustling streets of New York City as your platform and if success will ever find you: